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**Shijima Gou**
Name [personal profile] gouingatmachspeed ; Kamen Rider Drive
SILVER Always has enough in his pouch

PHYSICAL APPEARANCE NOTES 174cm (5'8) 23 year old male with brown hair, body that is toned and slightly muscular. He wears a 'G' pendent around his neck and has two rings, one on his left ring finger and the other on his right.
☆ photography ($$)
☆ doing things with robot ($$) (:D)

★ go insane like dad (>|||)
★ go on a date with robot (:D)
★ build a harem ie anytime he takes a servant ($$)
★ use his camera for something other than photographs (:D) ($$)
★ use someone under the influence of an effect ($$)
★ ...cheat (:D)
★ fuck sister ie thank you siscon (:D) ($$)
★ have confusing feels that isn't related to reiko or chase (:D)
★ teach someone how to understand and talk to his signal bikes ($$)

Gou is able to do flips that is pretty much impossible for a normal human being. Like who jumps from building to building and not fall off?

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original
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[after being in america for a few months, one mach rider has returned home to see how everyone is doing]
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[near the labyrinth is a female laying on the ground next a familiar looking bike, just chillaxing.

do you approach?]
gouingatmachspeed: (*It's time for superstar action!)
[he actually used a red marker to write a note, couldn't find anything else, to his sister....and chase i guess to tell them he will be gone for a little bit, to do things and he'll be back. of course, markers aren't really the greatest sometimes that he ends up getting some of it on his fingers. just in time for that challenge, huh? wonder what he physically craves?

not that it matters 'cause he doesn't come back. whoops? cue one little car going crazy through court, beeping like no tomorrow]

gouingatmachspeed: (Now I’m left standing by the door)
[wherever you are, one photographer has come looking for you]

Oi, Kaito!

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詩島 剛 (Shijima Gou)


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